Books were intended to be entertainment when there was no television. I feel as though television has replaced books. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with television, in my opinion, books are still a very important aspect in the child’s development and for their education. Children need books in their lives and below are the top 10 reasons why they are important.

1. It helps develop their imagination. Imagine a television without picture. So basically radio or audio books. You have to come up with your own pictures of what things look like and how events occurred. Thus, helping develop children’s imagination by them creating the events in their heads.
2. It helps create a bond between the child and parent. Bed time stories are a great way to bond with your child. Think about all the conversations you can have while reading. If your child is using their imagination, the conversations could be endless not to mention priceless and precious. Bed time stories are an important part of our little toddler’s life.
3. Helps develop vocabulary. By them reading, they are learning new words. By them learning new words, they are expanding their vocabulary. They are learning what the words mean.
4. It helps them learn different subjects. Think of all they can learn by reading? They literally can become little explores just by using their imagination. They can travel the world from the comfort of their home. They can learn about animals and science. They can learn about history. The subject matter is endless when it comes to reading.
5. It helps improve attention span. Imagine if your child can sit through a book learning, they can probably sit patiently through most anything. They will be able to understand and learn better by increasing their attention span.
6. It helps prepare children for their life of a student. We spend a large amount of our time here on Earth in school. Why would you not want to prepare your child for it? By reading with your child or having your child read x amount of hours of the day, it will help prepare them for school. It will teach them to learn and want to learn.
7. It can help reduce any stress your child may have. Books, in my opinion, are a type of art and art reduces stress. By having your child read, it is helping them reduce their stress and could even teach them how to deal with stress.
8. It can help mold them as a person. Think about it if they learn to use their imagination and learn to deal with stress, you are unknowingly helping them learn how to deal with everyday life. Hence, molding them as a person.
9. It improves their memory. Your brain is a muscle and what happens when we do not use our muscles? We become weak. So why would your brain be any different? We need to exercise our brains and by reading we are exercising our brain improving our memory and reducing the risk of losing memories.
10. It can be their entertainment. Let them be creative. Do not let a television paint the picture for them. Allow them to come up with their own picture and who knows what things your child will come up with to entertain themselves during the day.

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