Reading is a hobby that many develop at a young age; some maintain that habit all the way into adulthood while some lose interest in books after a certain age. Reading is a habit that has so many advantages associated with it, from learning about new cultures and places you’ve never been to before , to just appreciating quality literature. Even in this modern day and age, reading has not become antiquated; rather, it has taken on a new form in the shape of electronic media such as eBooks. This article will share with you, five benefits associated with reading for pleasure.





  • It can stimulate your brain

Reading a book require one to keep constant track of the content and the context that the book is trying to portray. This means that your brain has to analyze every word and phrase to make the right interpretation of the text. For many this means that they have to re-read or just pay attention. These mental exercises cause the formation of new neural pathways that affect the way you think and thus you mature mentally.



  • It improves your critical thinking skills

This is especially the case for books dealing with the genre of mystery or thriller and suspense. The plot develops and thickens into an intricate mesh of information that you-the reader, has to unravel to reach to the conclusion. This means keeping a track of vital plot information and interpreting it correctly. This entire process is known as critical thinking and it can only improve with continued exposure to reading material. This skill can help you greatly in daily task. It allows you to make the correct decisions.



  • It affects your concentration and focus

Reading a book or an article requires continuous attention to every word which means that you have to remain alert and focused. Continuing this habit can have a positive impact on your overall attention span and concentration skills when it comes to realizing even the minutest details.




  • It helps overcome stress

Reading any material that is to your liking after a long day of work can be calming for both the mind and the body. This is especially true if accompanied by a personal favorite drink. It has been historically proven as an effective stress control method, perhaps even a therapy of sorts. The more you indulge yourself in this habit, the less likely you are to get stressed out and have a mental breakdown.


  • It improves your memory

Reading anything requires one to keep track of the content. This means that the memory centers of your brain are stimulated. If reading is continued as a habit then it also affects long term memory storage in a positive way.

Whatever your personal favorite genre is, reading is a very helpful way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The points mentioned here are just some of the many advantages associated with reading. So what are you waiting for? Grab a book and get started.

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