Books are a collection of words organized into a logical structure to covey the thoughts of their author. Books are the most basic tool of learning. They help us widen our vocabulary, transfer viable knowledge to the next generation and most of all, give us a broad perspective on life. Every child starts learning from an early age and as such, here are five reasons why kids need books.






  • Books help them widen their vocabulary and grammar

Books are a very helpful way for kids to understand and get a firm grasp of language. Since it contains well thought out sentence structures, complex words and literary devices, a child would understand how they work by understanding the context of what the book is meant to portray.


  • Books strengthen parent child relationships

It has always been a tradition for any parent to read their child a book, whether it be before bed time or during the evening or on the weekends. This act of reading a book to one’s kid strengthens the natural bond that they share. It gives them a feeling of understanding, all the while, spreading useful knowledge and information to the next generation.


  • Books force children to think

Many books for younger children have a way of stimulating their minds and causing them to ponder on the content of the book. This is especially the case for books of the storytelling or the puzzle genre. It helps in the mental growth of the mind and causes the formation of new neural pathways that would be helpful later on in life.


  • They contribute towards building a creative mindset

When kids are young, their minds are moldable, open to the vastness of imagination, only restricted by their own creativity. Books help them forge an imaginative world where they can create whatever they please and develop new ideas that could potentially even be Nobel prize winning ones. It is a known fact that all the inventors of the past were creative people whose imaginations took them to new heights in the world of science and technology. By developing a creative mindset, children of today would become the leaders and inventors of tomorrow. Only books can help accomplish such a feat.


  • Books provide children with a set of foreign experiences

Books are written by people from different cultural and moral background. By reading a variety of books, children get an insight into these backgrounds and realize just how vast this world is. It gives them a broader perspective on people and how the world works, thus it contributes greatly to their mental growth and upbringing. It helps them understand that the human race is not just made up of one color, creed or heritage. This promotes visions of tolerance within the younger generation.


Whatever the books you prefer for your child, know that they are an essential part of their upbringing and without hem, your child would not turn out to be a productive member of society.

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