Books are a magnificent way of spreading knowledge, experiences and thoughts. They contribute towards developing a literate and humane society. For many, books are a hobby, perhaps even a passion. For others, they are just an everyday object. There are many reasons for getting into the habit of reading books on a daily basis, too many to be included in one short article. That is why this article will share with you, 5 reasons why you need books in your life.




  • They make you smart

Books contain knowledge, experiences and thoughts that others who are more experienced than us have had the moral courtesy to share. Rarely would you ever stumble upon a book that is useless in every aspect. Even the most bizarre of topics might just end up proving useful or if nothing else, would end up giving you a good laugh. To be precise, books add to our knowledge and one can never have too much of it.


  • Books widen our vocabulary and grammar

Books are the result of an author’s ideas and choice of words and an editor’s effort in making the best possible use of language. As such, books tend to contain words, phrases and literary devices that we may never have encountered before. The more you read, the more your vocabulary widens and newer, more complex sentence structures become easier to understand and create. This is true for all languages including the English language.


  • Books challenge our thinking skills

Books tend to make our mind ponder on different things like who the culprit is in the case of mystery novels or what the moral of the story is in the case of fiction and sci-fi. This process of utilizing critical thinking skills repeatedly makes us sharper and more adept at solving problems. It is a useful skill that can only be acquired with consistent reading habits.


  • It provides quality entertainment

Books are a great means for quality entertainment. A good book coupled with your favorite drink will surely end up with you having a good time. This also helps in reducing stress build-up. Books are cheap and readily available entertainment and while reading books, you also become wiser and more knowledgeable. It’s a win-win situation. Try it for yourself, you will not be disappointed.


  • They contribute towards building a creative mindset

Our minds are ever developing, open to the vastness of imagination, only restricted by our own creativity. Books help us forge an imaginative world where we can create whatever we please and develop new ideas. It is a known fact that all the inventors of the past were creative people whose imaginations took them to new heights in the world of science and technology. By developing a creative mindset, even our young ones can become the leaders and inventors of tomorrow. Only books can help accomplish such a feat.


The importance of books can never be overemphasized. I hope this article was helpful in enlightening all its readers.

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