Whether it’s studying for exams or a simple test, it is a tedious task that requires good memory and analytical skills, but mostly just good memory. This can be a hard task for the majority of us because memorizing and retaining all those important points is a challenging feat to say the least. Interest and motivation are also key factors in this process. Not everyone thinks of the importance of studying or the benefits associated with it. That is why I would like to share with your 5 study hacks that can help you retain those nasty lectures and topics for those ever so tiresome exams.



  • Teach what you study

Teaching is the art of breaking down lectures into a set of simple and easy to understand concepts then passing those concepts onto others. It is helpful to have a bunch of friends over to teach them what you have learned or to just look yourself into the mirror and pretend you are teaching yourself. This helps you review the course material and strengthen your own concepts.


  • Reward yourself

When preparing for an exam, set a number of milestones. With each milestone that you complete, decide a certain reward such as a treat or some game time to relax yourself. This will make you more confident in your abilities and motivate you to study harder and more frequently. But beware; this strategy takes a lot of determination and commitment to be effective. If you are determined and wish to ace those exams, then this is the right strategy for you.


  • Set a place reserved for studying

Most people make a common mistake when preparing for any exam; they don’t set a reserved study space. You walk around the house holding a book or a tablet and just study while completely ignoring the effect of that the environment has on your mind. Reserving a space that is quiet and meant only for studying, calms the mind and puts you in the right mood to prepare for those nasty exams.


  • When in doubt, Google it

Whenever you encounter a topic that your books fail to properly explain, just Google it and you would find in front of you, a plethora of websites ready to answer that annoying question for you. There is literally no limit to the vast variety of topics that you can find content on, each with their own unique style of content and expression, which brings us to the nest point….


  • Times new roman is the easiest font to read

Not only is times new roman easy to read, it is also very fast especially for those long and boring types of lectures that make you want to doze off. Just try it for yourself and see the results.


These are five of the most effective ways that have been tried and tested in providing you with adequate preparation for your exams. As always, I hope that this article was helpful for all of my readers.



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