Education has changed in just the last century. It can and has changed the world. It is a luxury to be able to get an education and it is one that is taken for granted. Instead of looking at education as something we have to do to get through life, we should look at it as a gift of knowledge. We should cherish it. Without education and the advancements that we have had, we may have never been able to fly or even take a boat someplace. These things that we take for granted came from someone challenging education. Here I will talk to you about the top 5 ways education can change the world.

The first way education can change the world is by research. Without education we lose the ability to be able to do research. Meaning we will not be able to find cures for diseases or find new life. Research has become such an important part of education and without it we may never find cures.

The second way education can change the world is by discovery. Think about all we have discovered by going beyond Earth. Without education, none of that would have been possible. There is so much more to discover and without education discovery stops.

The third way education can change the world is by finding new ways to live. All these diets, healthier living, etc. comes from educated people. Without education this too is gone and we lose how to be healthy.

The fourth way education can change the world is by learning from history. Without education we forget what has happened in the past. We forget about what molds us as each individual countries. By forgetting history we forget about our allies vs. enemies. We forget why they are allies or enemies. By forgetting history we allow ourselves vulnerable for an attack.

The fifth way education can change the world is by keeping the economy going. Education employee’s so many people without it they lose their job making them homeless and not an asset to life. Everything circles around. Without people having jobs they cannot spend money. Without people spending money, stores go out of business. You might say well that is just one job. But if those people are not educating others than no one will be educated and businesses will have to close. Money will not circle as it does now causing the economy to fall.

If I can say one thing about education, it is that it has always been important to society. People naturally have the desire to learn and without it some of the great discoveries that has been made in the past would have never been made. Research would not be a thing and people would still be dying from small pox. We would not know ways to be healthier and people would still be dying from heat stroke. We would not learn about the past and would continue to fight with possible allies. Without education the economy would not be a thing. These are the top 5 reasons why education is important.