It is no secret that education is very important in today’s society. At one point in time education was a luxury and not everyone had the opportunity to complete their education. There were various reasons for them not completing their education but those reasons are very different than today’s reasons. Listed below are the 7 common reasons why students today drop out of school.

1. Pregnancy
It is no secret that many high school girls are get pregnant. When they do get pregnant and have the baby, some think it’s easier to stop school. I mean let’s face it raising children is no easy task. However, this is not the 1800’s or even the early 1900’s. We are maturing at a slower rate meaning at one time you were pretty much an adult at age 13. It was not unusual to be married and have a family at 13. However, with our life span expanding, we have unknowingly hindered our children maturing. Meaning 13 years old is still a baby or at least a child. So when they become pregnant they do not know what else to do but to drop out.

2. Being frustrated at not being able to learn like others.
There are many learning disorders and if not treated it can be very frustrating when it comes to learning. Some just cannot handle it and choose to drop out.

3. Being bored at school
Some students are not being challenged which allows them to be bored while at school. If you are bored do you not try to find something new? Well why should we expect anything less from children? If they are bored they are going to drop out and try something different.

4. Becoming a caregiver to someone
If a parent becomes sick, sometimes it is the job of the child to help take care of the parent while the other parent goes out to support the family. This is sad but true. This too can cause a child to drop out.

5. Being bullied
It is no secret that kids are bullied and in today’s society many do not know how to defend themselves when being bullied. Their solution than is to drop out of school to get away from the bullies.

6. Parent’s not caring if their child attends school
This is another sad but true cause of student drop out. Some parent’s just do not care about their child and their education. When the parent does not care the child just stops going to school.

7. Becoming part of a gang
This goes right along with parent’s not caring. Ganges are a real threat for children these days. Some parent’s just do not care if their child becomes part of a gang. That gang than becomes the child’s family and school is put on the back burner.

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