Education is a Latin word which means learning something new, acquiring new characters or new habits. The process of learning starts as one open eye in this world and continues until one’s death. One type of education is imparted at home which involves the transfer of culture and skills which are necessary to survive in the society from parents to a new generation. While the other one, also known as formal education, is the one which we acquire in schools and colleges under the gaudiness of the instructor or teacher. The informal education makes us practically and emotionally strong while the formal one makes us mentally and theoretically able. In the modern era, education has the same importance as oxygen. Education has the power to make the world a better place. Here is how:
Better future
People who can read and write have better future as they easily get jobs and money while the less educated ones or the non-educated ones face hard time finding a decent paying job. Educated people are also able to handle their life burdens and problems more easily and efficiently as compared to the non-educated lot. As we get more and more educated, other areas of our lives get affected positively. Therefore, education has the ability to give a person the money and status that he/she needs.
Reduces Poverty
Education is the only way to reduce poverty in society and the world at large. Educated societies are always healthy and happy regarding good economic growth. While countries with low literacy rate, face difficulties in progressing and providing a better life to their citizen. Thanks to the ever-growing technology and research in educated countries, there are more opportunities for job and work. People who are expert in any branch of education always have a good source of income. For example doctors, engineers, dentists are the basic need of every society and their clientele will never end, which in turn means growth and money.
Benefits The World
Education is benefiting the word in many ways like an increase in the production of the crop and raised health status. There is also increase in the production of dairy products as well as industry manufactured goods which make our life easier. With the power of knowledge, humans have already conqured the moon and they are now trying to build stairs to stars. In other words, life has become so much easy as compared to the times when education and teaching were not given so much importance.
Fosters Peace
Education is not only about creating new things, but education also tells us how to be a civilised person and how to interact with other people of society. The educated person also has high moral values, good behaviour, is well-mannered and has a character. Education is a way to create peace and harmony among the people as education is all about learning something new and benefiting others. Education never teaches violence and when people learn to get smart and stay disciplined, harmony among humans is bound to happen.
Healthy Living
Education has helped doctors and engineers to create machines and medicines that can diagnose even the acutest disease. For example, diseases like cancer and malaria which were once cure less now have a cure. Education has also helped us in understanding our body and its organs which in turn has helped us to formulate preventive measures for a better and healthy living. The average life expectancy in educated countries is greater than that is in under-educated countries because of the way the education has helped the society evolve.
With so many positive things that education brings with itself, enforcing a decent system of teaching and training can help us create a better society.

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