In ancient Greek city states much importance was given to physical fitness along with the mental capabilities of a person. Through ages it has been proved time and again that co-curricular activities are as important in mental and physical growth of a person as formal education.
What benefits can be achieved through co-curricular activities?
Through advanced scientific research it has been confirmed that human brain creates immense potential which has to be utilized in a proper and diverse way to keep the brain properly functioning and keep a person in upward growth trajectory. Co-curricular activities are very much important for the grooming of the personality and brain. Co-curricular activities also provide us not only entertainment but also give us chance to learn something addition co-curricular activities can be a fun and imaginative activity for pupil. Co-curricular activities are the source to produce the creativity and as a result creative minds are produced.
Co-curricular activities are all those activities which are performed by the pupil in school and colleges beside the formal education .Most of the educational institutions today try to give a wide variety of activities along with formal education, like sports festivals, debate, speech competitions, drama and music etc. All these activities fall into the category of extra or co-curricular activities.
The role of extra co-curricular activities in shaping the mental behavior of a pupil cannot be gives a shine to the potential of a person .those students who try to learn and perform different kinds of activities tend to perform better in their practical life.

Most curricular activities like sports, creative writing and other tasks, teaches a student how to work in a group .it creates the temperament of tolerating different mindsets and behaviors. These activities perpetuate a positive attitude towards society and life itself.
Confidence building-
To perform in front of an audience, be it a match of football or a speech on gender equality, the basic ingredient required is confidence. An extra-curricular activity gives a pupil the confidence required to face the hardships of practical life. it is necessary to take initiative in activities other than formal education to acquire confidence as in professional atmosphere confidence in one’s self is as important as a degree in any field. Pupil participating in co-curricular activities has no stage fright related problems in their practical life; they can convey their arguments more confidently and more aggressively.
Boosting leadership qualities-
The task of a captain is to make a strategy .to achieve a task, whatever it may be. It is necessary to formulate a strategy. A winning strategy and the supervision on its implementation is the task of a leader. A pupil can learn the art of leadership only while taking part in co-curricular activities as no book or lecture can take the place of a first-hand experience.

Co-curricular activities not only refresh the mind but also are the source of confidence building and grooming of the personality. So no one can deny the importance of extra-curricular activities in educational institutions.

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