Education is as important as food. Without education, survival in this world is not possible. Centuries ago, the holy prophet revealed the first verse which stated that man must read in the name of ALLAH Who created this world. He (PBUH) said ‘That a man giving a liberal education to his child, is better for than a man giving a large measure of corn in alms.’
Depending on the mindset and aspiration of a person, everyone has different reasons to study. However, for most of the people, education objective is to get a good job after completion of the formal education. But there are other high moral values or objectives of education that we achieve unknowingly. Here are five major things that happen to an individual who is a receiver of a good education.
Individual development
One of the main objectives of education is the spiritual and mental development of the individual. Education has the strong effect on our attitude, character and behaviour, and therefore education plays an important role in personality development. Education makes a person strong – mentally, spiritually and physically. Education makes us realise and think about the purpose of living in this world.
Problem-solving attitude
The main purpose of education is to develop a positive attitude and being an educated person helps us in achieving it. A person who has received a formal education is confident and mentally strong, and this is how he develops a problem-solving attitude towards life. Educated persons have high thinking capacity and better logical ability in the form of abundant knowledge and experience. In every field of life, educated ones lead from the front, and the lesser ones follow them.
Educated people are a productive member of a society and nation. This is mainly because of the fact that they are trained to think broader, and thus they always think to solve the problem in a modern and more productive way. For e.g. with the help of modern technology we can see modernisms in agriculture. This has helped us to get almost double quantity of crop in the same period of time with less men power. Similarly, almost in every other field of life, we can see such revolutions that have helped us improve the quality of life. This has been possible because of the educated members of the society and their productive thinking.
Social harmony
Education is the source of harmony and love among the living beings of the society. Educated people are trained to believe in love instead of killing. Educated people take revenge from their enemies by creating or developing something new and modern which is helpful for other humans and is better than the competitors. Thus, education is not only a source to get a better job, but it is also a source of peace and prosperity. As per the studies, educated societies have low crime rate and low poverty index.
Without education, humans are just like animals. They do not have any moral values or any constructive outlook. Education makes a man civilised and nurtures a positive attitude in him. Therefore, education should not only be liberally promoted, is should be enforced in all possible ways.

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