The reasons why education is important is so important to know because of how so many take education for granted. Many people, mostly children, do not understand that education is a privilege. They do not understand that even today there are some people/countries that do not have the right to go to school or going to school is just not an option because of having to help the family. There are so many children who dream of going to school but cannot. So why is education so important?

In today’s society not having a degree, even not having a high school diploma, means you have no job. Even working at a fast food restaurant means you either have to be going to high school or have a high school degree. So, how will you support a family if you are unable to obtain a job let alone a career? The answer is simple you will not be able to support your family without a job.

By completing high school and not dropping out you are automatically increasing your odds of receiving a job and if you go through tech school while you are in high school, well that just helps your odds of receiving a job and maybe even a career. You may not get paid much at first but some companies offer schooling for their employees after so many years of working for them.

By furthering your education and obtaining a college degree your odds get even higher of getting a job and the higher your education the higher the pay. Who would love to not have to worry about money? Well, the higher the education the higher the pay and this is a good enough reason for me as to why education is important.

Another reason why education is important is to make you have better self-esteem. When you accomplish something do you not feel proud about it? I know I do. I may not brag about it, but I am most certainly proud of every degree that I have obtained and it has helped my self-esteem tremendously. I now know I can do whatever I want if I put my mind to it.

The next reason why education is important is to learn about history. Without education we forget what has happened in the past. By us forgetting what has happened in the past, we leave ourselves/our country open for attack. History does and will repeat itself and all we can do is learn from our mistakes the next time it happens. How do we do that? We do that by teaching the past.

Finally, the last reason why education is important is without the ability to learn we lose the ability to imagine. Without imagination we lose so many great things that have been created. Look at how far technology has come and how much further we have to go. We have been to space, but we have yet to hit the floor of the deepest part of the ocean. Without education we take all these possibilities away.

So, to answer the question why is education important? Education is important in finding a job or career, it is important to have to support your family, it helps with your self-esteem, it teaches about history and how not to make the same mistakes, and finally without it we lose so much imagination like going to space or furthering technology

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