Making notes is a very essential part of studying. It is a way of expressing information and knowledge in a way that suits your tastes. But taking notes is a skillful task that requires practice and experience and a bit of talent. That is why some of your classmates have better note taking skills than you do and that is also why their notes are in demand. This article will teach you 5 ways to make great notes from your books so that yours can also be the most sought after ones in class.
1) Read a paragraph properly
Your text books are divided into paragraphs and as such, it becomes tedious to take notes or recall important points after reading the whole chapter. The easier way is to read one paragraph at a time and write own the most important points on your text book. Once an entire chapter is complete, make a fair copy of those points in the form of clean and neat notes in your notebook.

2) Underline or highlight the points as you read
Make sure to underline or highlight the points as you read your text book. This will make it easier to take notes as points once you’re done with each paragraph. I would prefer underlining since it makes the book look less dirty and can be erased afterwards. Only underline those precise sentences that contain the key points otherwise you would end up with a lot of words to make sense of, which brings us to our next point….

3) Remove unnecessary words
Remove any unnecessary words and sentences or phrases that don’t relate or add to the information on the topic you are reading. This makes your notes as short and easy to memorize and understand as possible while maintaining the completeness of the information stored therein. After all, the whole purpose of taking notes is to condense the information as much as possible.

4) Make your notes in the form of points and add heading and subheadings
Include headings and subheadings and under each subheading, add a list of the key points that you copied from the text book, and try to use your own words as much as possible. This helps you in understanding what you are reading while rewriting it. The reason for making a list of points rather than a paragraph is to allow for an easier to read work than a textbook.

5) Use a large font
When writing down, use a larger font than what your textbook is in or what you are used to writing with. The advantage of using a large font is that it makes it easy for you to read what you write. Another piece of advice is to write heading and subheading with different colors as well as the main text. This makes your work clean and legible for you to read.

Remember, taking notes is a must for studying effectively but these notes by no means, are a substitute for books. In fact, notes should be used as supplementary learning material alongside the main textbook(s) to allow for the best possible studying experience.

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