A Beautiful Boy Doing Homework

People can put the blame on the teachers for students failing exams, but when does the student become responsible for failing or even the parents? When the right to spank children or discipline children in schools were taken away, so was the right to put all the responsibility of teaching children on the teachers. So, what are the top 9 reasons why students fail exams?

1. Parents not helping with homework. I believe schooling starts in the home. Without the parents working with their child and making sure homework is done or helping study for an exam, students will follow bad study habits and not do well on exams.
2. Students not caring about their schooling. If parents do not care about their child’s schooling why should the child? I mean if there is not going to be any consequences in doing bad in school, the child will have no desire to do well in school. Thus, causing the child not to care about their schooling. They do not realize what a privilege it is to be able to go to school and they take it for granted.
3. Not reading enough. By not reading enough, the child is limiting their vocabulary making it difficult to take exams. Reading is the foundation in learning.
4. Not understanding the questions that are being asked. If the child is not reading enough increasing their vocabulary, it makes it hard for them to put context clues together. If they cannot put the context clues together it makes it hard to understand the questions that are being asked.
5. Having an undiagnosed learning disability. There are many undiagnosed learning disabilities because of various reasons. Maybe it is overlooked or maybe the parent’s do not want to believe their child has an issue. In either case, many reasons why students fail exams is due to undiagnosed learning disabilities.
6. Not following directions. Some students try to finish the test quick so they can go back and look at the answers for a second time instead of just trying to do it right the first time. By going through the test fast, sometimes they overlook an important part of the directions that are given causing them to get an entire part of the exam incorrect.
7. Time management. Many have not been taught how to manage their time while taking an exam. This can be a difficult task to accomplish as well. If you take too long on some questions, it could mean you will not have the time to finish the exam. Again, causing you to miss an entire section or more of the exam.
8. Overconfidence. There is the few that feel as though they know everything and by feeling this way it makes them overconfident. By being overconfident the students may decide directions are not for them or they know the answer without thinking about it. This too can cause someone to fail an exam.
9. Mindset. Sometimes failing the exam is as simple as being told you cannot do something so much that you start to believe it. If you have the mindset that you are going to fail the exam than you will tend to not study, follow directions, or even understand the questions because you will not try. Of course, it will be subconsciously that you will not care but none the less if you believe something to be true so much than you tend to make it happen. This too will cause a person to fail the exam.